How to pay by Whatsapp

How to pay by WhatsApp



India is the largest market for WhatsApp with over 200 million monthly active users. Soon, they will be able to send and receive money while chatting on this app.

Whatsapp Payment Invite Link: To get the Whatsapp Payment option please click on the invitation button below:

Whatsapp Payment Invite Link

However, to be able to do this, you must be able to make use of the Unified Payments Interface (UPI). If you have never used UPI, here is how you can set it up on your phone. Also, before you begin, ensure that the version of WhatsApp on your phone has this payment option.

Step 1: find the payment option

Open WhatsApp. If you use an Android phone, click the three dots on the top right of the app screen. In the pop-up that opens up, one of the options would be Payments. Click it. On the Payments screen, you will be prompted to link your bank account to WhatsApp. If you use an iPhone, the Settings option is at the bottom of the app.

Step 2: Link your bank account

Click ‘Add new account’ option in the Payments screen. This will take you to the Terms & Conditions page. Once you accept these, you will be asked to verify your phone number. Provide the number that is linked to your bank account. The verification will happen over SMS. Once verified, WhatsApp will display the names of banks linked to UPI. Once you choose the bank, you will get the details of the account linked to your phone number. For security purposes, the entire account number will not be displayed. Typically, you would see the bank name and last four digits of your bank account displayed. If you have multiple accounts with the same bank, all of them will be shown. Choose the one you want to link to the app. Next, verify your debit card details, using the last six digits of your debit card and its expiry date.

Step 3: Set up UPI

After you verify the details, you will be prompted to set up a PIN for UPI, and the bank will send you a one-time password (OTP) to do this. The OTP for doing this is usually a six-digit number, which will reach you over an SMS. In the next page, enter your OTP and your new UPI PIN. You will have to create a four-digit UPI PIN.

After you create and confirm the PIN, you will get a message that your UPI set-up is complete. You will also get a confirmation via SMS. From here on, your Payments screen under the Settings option will display the bank details linked to payment. You can then start sending and receiving money.


How we Hire click here to know Rules,Tips, Fees

How to apply for Jobs, Tips & Fees

हमारी कंपनी में नौकरियों के लिए आवेदन करने के लिए कदम।

  1. सलाहकार को अपने रेज़्यूमे की तस्वीरें न भेजें। क्योंकि सलाहकारों को आपके नौकरी और कई अन्य बिंदुओं के अनुसार अपना रेज़्यूम बदलना पड़ता है। एमएस शब्द दस्तावेज़ फ़ाइल में हमेशा अपना रेज़्यूमे भेजें। 
  2. अपना रेज़्यूम, आईडी सबूत, सर्टिफिकेट भेजें। हम इन दस्तावेज़ों को मालिक को भेजेंगे। अगर मालिक ने Interview के लिए कहा तो Interview के लिए आपको आमंत्रित करेंगे।

  3. Interview के बाद यदि आप Employer से Selection प्राप्त करते हैं। हम आपसे एक चेक एकत्र करेंगे यह चेक आपके नौकरी के पहले दिन 500/- रुपये के Cash के साथ एकत्र की जाएगी। जब आप एक महीने के बाद Owner से वेतन प्राप्त करते हैं तो हम उस चेक को बैंक में पेश करेंगे और उस चेक द्वारा हमारी फीस प्राप्त करेंगे

  4. Consultation Fees Rate :- फीस 50% वेतन प्रति माह 10000 / – से 30000 / – । फीस 40% वेतन प्रति माह 30000 / – से 50000 / – फीस 30% वेतन 50000 / – से 1 लाख 


 आपके रेज़्यूमे में क्या उल्लेख करना है

  • संपर्क जानकारी – आपके Resume पर अपने Contact विवरण की आपूर्ति करना बेहद महत्वपूर्ण है कुछ आवेदक अभी तक बहुत आवश्यक टुकड़े को भूल जाते हैं। अपना डाक पता, टेलीफोन या मोबाइल नंबर और अपना ईमेल पता लिखना मत भूलना आपको आश्चर्य होगा कि कितने नौकरी चाहने वालों ने गलती की है !
  • करियर प्रोफाइल – यहां आपको अपने कौशल और विशेषज्ञता के क्षेत्रों का एक संक्षिप्त सारांश शामिल करना चाहिए। यह  नियोक्ता को एक विचार देगा कि आप क्या work कर सकते हैं।
  • कार्य अनुभव – अपने सभी काम के इतिहास के अनुभव को शामिल करें, अधिमानतः कंपनी सहित, नौकरी का शीर्षक, जिम्मेदारियों और उन कंपनियों की तिथियां जहां आप वर्तमान में काम कर रहे हैं या पहले से संबद्ध हैं
  • शिक्षा – यहां अपनी सभी शैक्षिक योग्यताएं शामिल करें सुनिश्चित करें कि आपने अपनी सभी शिक्षाएं शामिल कर ली हैं
  • लाइसेंस या कौशल – सॉफ्टवेयर और हार्डवेयर सिस्टम और अन्य तकनीकी कौशल के संदर्भ में किसी भी प्रासंगिक कौशल का उल्लेख करें।



How to apply for Jobs, Tips & Fees at our company.

  1. Do not send pictures of your resume to any consultant. Because consultants have to change your resume according to your job and lots of other points. Always send your resume in MS word document file. 
  2. Send your resume, ID proof, certificate. We will send these documents to the owner. If the owner asked for an interview then invite you for the interview.
  3. After Interview if you get a selection from the employer. we will collect a Cheque from you. This cheque will be collected on the first day of your job with Registration of Rs. 500/- When you get the salary from an employer after one month then we will present that cheque in the bank and receive our consultation fees by that cheque

  4. Consultation Fees:- Salary Per Month 20000/- then fees 50% if Salary Between 20000/- to 30000/- Fees will be 40% 30000/- to 1 Lac Fees will be 35%

What to mention in your resume

  • Contact Information – It is extremely important to supply your contact details on your resume, some applicants forget so many essential pieces yet. Do not forget to write your email address, telephone or mobile number and your email address. You will be surprised how many job seekers have made a mistake!
  • Career Profile – Here you should include a brief summary of your skills and areas of specialization. It will give an idea to the employer what you can do.

  • Work Experience – Include the experience of all your work history, preferably with the company, job title, responsibilities and dates of those companies where you are currently working or are already affiliated

  • Education – Include all your educational qualifications here to ensure that you have included all your education

  • license or skill – mention any relevant skills in terms of software and hardware systems and other technical skills.






Center Manager Jobs

Centre Manager Jobs

Center Manager Job Description

What does education Center Manager do?

Education center managers are in charge of a group of customer service representatives, who work from centers, and sometimes over email or live chat. As a center manager, you make sure that your team does its best to meet customer needs by giving helpful tips on a product, making recommendations on how to resolve customer issues, taking orders and facilitating returns, troubleshooting problems and answering complaints. center managers make sure that all employees are routinely meeting any goals set by management to resolve a quota of customer issues or answer a number of calls. They decide whether or not customers will receive refunds or replacements of goods.

How much money a Center Manager make in Month?

According to the Labor Statistics states that the median income for a customer service manager was Rs. 15000/- per month to 25000/- per month. Administrative service managers made Rs. 25000/- to 35000/- a month. Rest some Center Manager get incentives on sales or service of center at the monthly or quarterly basis. 

What is the educational qualification required for a Center Manager?

Center managers usually start as customer service representatives and work their way up. To get started as a customer service representative you will need at least a high school diploma or equivalent. Most companies offer training, which can last 2-3 weeks or longer. Often, as products change or new features are added, there will be continued education. A bachelor’s degree in management or related field will be very helpful.

Job Skills and Requirements for Center Manager? 

  • Customer Service/Communication Skills: center managers talk, listen and help resolve conflicts with customers. Center managers should be able to listen effectively to find the root cause of issues and communicate clearly and in a friendly way to solve the issue and keep the customer happy. Those communicating over email or live chat will need to be able to write well, with correct grammar.
  • Leadership Skills: Center managers will need to motivate the team, work with them to make sure they abide by all company policies and procedures.
  • Patience: Call center managers might have to deal with confused or irate customers. Having patience and staying polite, even in stressful situations is helpful.
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Call center managers solve customer issues, sometimes without seeing the actual problem first hand.
  • Overseeing the daily activities and duties of a Center is the direct responsibility of a Center Manager. They handle the security, operational and financial matters while overseeing the booking of resources.
  • Good communication skill and the ability to manage a class of students
  • understand the syllabus & contents of Basic & Advance
  • Deliver the theory & practical classes related to specific course
  • Handling daily center operations.
  • Motivate Team for Promotion and revenue generation.
  • Counseling the students for Academy courses.
  • Batch scheduling and Batch planning.
  • Management of Team seminars at schools and colleges.
  • General office maintenance.
  • Self-motivated and ensure a high level of performance and profitability.
  • Experienced in Beauty Industry will be added advantage
  • Conduct exams & evaluate students
  • Manage & maintain lab facilities & equipment
  • manage the database related to students, alumni, suppliers & vendors.

What is duty time for Center Manager?

As this is management related Job role so for this Job candidate should apply on this job who can work in office time between 9.00 am to 6.00 pm

Where Sectors these Center Managers required?

Center manager is a post related to management profile as Counselor or Center Manager are required at Branches of Franchisee Business where a company has multiple center and branches in Branches these managers required. In other words, this post is the Branch manager. Multinationals companies establish lots of Branches in multiple cities for Salon, Immigration, Spa Medical Hospitality or other retail service Centers for everywhere such center managers can start their job.

How to apply

The application can at our official email or Whatsapp as we provide information live to the applicant through our events for more information visit our Events or Seminar about learning jobs & other opportunities into retail sectors by our Trainers & Experts.

E-mail:- [email protected] or WhatsApp 8264875331


School Teacher

School Teachers Jobs

School Teacher Job Description


There’s nothing better than doing something worthwhile, and making money to boot! Everyone you know older than five has been influenced by a teacher. Teachers prepare and educate students for the world. Starting with teaching the basics of math, reading and skills in preschool and elementary school, and move to more complex and specialized concepts in the middle, high school and post-secondary school.

Teachers create lesson plans and teach those plans to the entire class, individually to students or in small groups, track student progress and present the information to parents, create tests, create and reinforce classroom rules, work with school administration prepare students for standardized tests, and manage students outside the classroom, such as in school hallways, detention, etc.

Other types of teachers include special education teachers, who work with students with a range of disabilities, adult literacy and BED teachers, working with adults and young adults who are no longer in school, and post-secondary teachers in colleges, universities and vocational schools.


According to the Indian Bureau of Labor Statistics, income for teachers was:

Career Titles


School Teacher


School Teacher

Required Education B.Ed. or equivalent degree from a recognized university. Proficiency in teaching in Hindi and English both. Desirable: Knowledge of computer applications. Pass in the Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET), conducted by CBSE in accordance with the Guidelines framed by the NCTE for the purpose. Proficiency in teaching Hindi and English medium4) B.Ed. Desirable: Knowledge of Computer Applications.
Subject English, Hindi, Mathematics, Economics, Commerce, Computer science, Physics, Chemistry English, Hinglish, Hindi, Mathematics, Economics, Commerce, Computer science, Physics, Chemistry
LOCATION  Ludhiana, Patiala, Jalandhar, Sangrur, Khanna  Ludhiana, Patiala, Jalandhar, Sangrur, Khanna
Median Salary (2018)* Rs. 15000/- to 25000/- Rs. 15000/- to 30000/-


Depending on state laws, preschool teachers may only need a high school diploma and certification or a college degree.

For elementary through high school teachers, you must have a bachelor’s degree in education. Some states require teachers to have a degree in a specific area, such as English or history. In some instances, a master’s degree is required. In addition, teachers must be licensed by the state, also known as state certification. Teachers in private schools may not need state certification.

Special education teachers can also get a bachelor’s degree in special education.

Postsecondary teachers at universities and community colleges have at least a master’s degree, and many have a PhD in their field. For vocational schools, experience in the field is more important.


  • Communication Skills: You must be able to speak clearly to students, other teachers, parents and administration officials.
  • Instruction Skills: You will have to explain new ideas and unfamiliar concepts with authority and in a clear and concise way so that students can understand. You must work to keep the students’ attention
  • Writing Skills: Teachers write progress reports, notes home, and in the case of postsecondary teachers, publish research. Writing skills are critical.
  • Patience: The students you work with will have different backgrounds and abilities. Patience will help teachers deal with students who act out or have trouble following the material.
  • Creativity: Teachers have to find ways to involve students in their lessons. Additionally, teachers may have to work with different learning styles to get the most out of each student.
  • People Skills: Engaging parents and creating healthy relationships with students and faculty will help create a quality learning environment.

How to Apply

Send Resume on E-mail:- [email protected] or WhatsApp 8264875331


Lecturer Jobs

Lecturer Jobs

The lecturer is the tile of a teacher who has just started to teach at college and university level in undergraduate courses. These are academics at an early stage of their careers and can teach part time or full time in colleges and universities. Lecturers are teachers who also assist research students in their endeavors and do not have tenures. These academics have very little or no research responsibilities. Lecturers give lectures at colleges to students without having academic qualifications. Lecturers, after few years of teaching, become senior lecturers, which is a position below that of readers and professors.

Key Qualifications & Skills Required

  • An eminent scholar with a P.hd qualification(s) with an active research profile with evidence of completed thesis and published in high impact conferences and journals.
  • The candidate should have proven track record of quality teaching, inter-disciplinary research/projects and should also have a strong focus on industry links and sponsored research.
  • A minimum of five/ten years of teaching and research experience in a premier university/institutes or scientific organizations with a good track record of supervising Ph.D. students and thesis completion.
  • Demonstrated contribution to educational innovation, the design of new curricula and courses, and technology and experience with MOOCs.
  • Good Communication skills, administration skills, demonstrated management and Leadership skills and team building are essential for these positions.

Key Responsibilities

  • The preparation and delivery of lectures, tutorials, practical classes, demonstrations, workshops and supervision of research students.
  • Initiation and development of course materials /course coordination, supervision of teaching staff and other T & L administration.
  • Conduct of original research leading to publications in refereed journals and attract external and Government funding for research projects.
  • Industry collaborations and links are highly desirable.
  • Building Alumni and international relations

Key Selection Criteria

Essential Education Qualification:
  • Ph.D. in the relevant area
Knowledge and Skills
  • Demonstrated high-quality teaching and research experience, and good publication record in high impact journals and conferences.
  • Record of successful completion of postgraduate and doctoral programs
  • Demonstrated the ability to mentor and lead staff and students.
  • High level of interpersonal skills and a proven ability to establish good working relationships with colleagues, students and members of community and professional bodies.
  • Proven track record of industry engagement and relationships.

How to Apply

Send Resume on E-mail:- [email protected] or WhatsApp 8264875331


School Principal Jobs

Dean Principal Jobs We are Hiring for Schools / Education / Academy for all Streams, a person who gives, In academic administrations such as colleges or universities, a dean is a person with . Although most high schools are led by a principal or headmaster, a few (particularly private preparatory schools) refer to their chief authority as a dean.


    • Distinguished academicians, prominent scientist, experienced corporate professionals with:
      • Experience in leading Indian/ foreign institutions/universities.
      • Notable achievements in management and leadership in planning and organizing academic, research, industry and/or professional activities.
      • Notable achievement and a proven Institutions building ability.
      • High-quality research achievements in terms of Published work, such as research papers, patents filed/obtained, books and/or technical reports;
      • Experience of guiding the project work/dissertation of PG /Research Students or supervising R&D projects in industry;
      • Capacity to undertake/lead sponsored R&D consultancy and related activities.


    • Qualification and experience as for the post of Professor in relevant discipline
    • Experience at similar capacity is desirable

How to Apply

Send Resume on E-mail:- [email protected] or WhatsApp 8264875331




Salon Manager

Salon Manager Job


We are looking for a Beauty Salon Manager to be responsible for our salon’s day-to-day operations. Beauty Salon Manager responsibilities include supervising staff, scheduling shifts, promoting our services and keeping updated records of expenses and revenues. If you are familiar with beauty treatments and have excellent organizational abilities, LIKE TO work in 10.00 to 8.00 work time as per Indian time standard then we’d like to meet you. Ultimately, you’ll help boost client satisfaction and increase our revenues.

What are Key Responsibilities of a Beauty Salon Manager?As a Beauty Salon Manager have lots of jobs have to perform but we had to define jobs as per the category that what they have to perform according to our experience and studies.

A Salon Manager do Client Service & Satisfaction

  • Educate clients about beauty service offering & product line available for Retail purchase
  • Maintain and constantly review client service standards
  • Resolve clients’ concerns or complaints and provide the optimum solution to satisfy them

A Salon Manager Staff Management

  • Inspire, Guide, Train & Develop staff members
  • Inform salon employees about a new product, training, company policies + promotions, management’S feedback, etc
  • Staff grievance handling, a Performance review of staff, monthly/weekly meetings
  • Completing joining formalities of all new join employees

A Salon Manager Salon Hygiene, Cleanliness & Maintenance

  • Ensure salon cleanliness & maintenance.
  • Ensure that facilities & equipment are maintained according to company standards
  • Report & document any observed or known Safety, Hazards, Conditions or unsafe practices & procedures to management immediately

A Salon Manager Retail Management

  • Maintain inventory level & accountability system for retail & bulk products
  • Manage & assembling of displays for profitable marketing & merchandising
  • Complete opening and closing cash handling procedures, to include, banking and doing deposits each day

What are Educational Requirements for Beauty Salon manager

  • Post Graduate/Graduate / Diploma in Management/ CRM/ Hospitality
  • Must currently be a Manager and spent at least 2 To 4 Years of experience in retail
  • Must be a good people Manager and possess analytical skills

What is Job Time, & Holiday for Salon Manager 

Normally job timing for beauty salon manager is the same as which is for a retail store manager from 10.00 am to 8.00 pm according to Indian standard time. Sunday is not off for a salon manager as almost Sunday is a holiday and almost customer visit is on Sunday is much so Revenue collection for Sunday totally depends on Salon Manager. As per Indian market and myth mostly Salon are off on Tuesday so a Salon Manager can plan Holiday for Tuesday.

What other Jobs there for Salon Manager in other Sectors. 

For Salon Beauty Salon Manager its complete management profile as its a myth that a Salon Manager cannot do any other job it is totally false. A Salon manager is having a job profile of Retail management and a Salon manager plays a very Hardcore job so they can join in other sectors like Medical, Hospitality, Hotel, Restaurant, Bar, Club, Clinics, Gym, Yoga Centers as almost these sectors require people from the same kind of qualities for FRONT DESK MANAGEMENT.

How to apply

The application can at our official email or Whatsapp as we provide information live to the applicant through our events for more information visit our Events or Seminar about learning jobs & other opportunities into retail sectors by our Trainers & Experts.

E-mail:- [email protected] or WhatsApp 8264875331


Makeup Artist

Makeup Jobs

Makeup Artist

Job Summary

Working as a make-up artist can mean different things depending on an individual’s position and the industry in which he or she works. Responsibilities are varied, and duties may involve selling products, applying cosmetics, styling hair or performing cosmetic procedures like facials and extractions. The Make-Up expert should be able to provide accurate and high-quality customer service in the salon. The expert will understand customer needs, recommend services and products, So as to ensure continuous and consistent customer satisfaction.

Careers in the Entertainment Industry

Make-up artists working in entertainment apply makeup to actors on film sets and in television studios or to stage performers in theaters. They may be self-employed or work as part of a team. Their job duties involve consulting with other members of the crew to determine the desired effect and required look for the actors and performers. They may have to research the make-up, hairstyles, and attire that were common in a certain period or place to determine what is needed. Depending on the project, they may use special effects to make a person appear sick, injured or older.

Make-up professionals in the film industry generally have irregular work schedules, working long hours for several months straight followed by months at a time without work. They often relocate temporarily for the duration of the project. Those working in a television studio may have regular schedules, but equally long hours averaging well over 40 hours a week. Television make-up artists attend to the needs of people on regularly scheduled programming, which may be anything from light make-up for news to special effects make-up for television shows. They often must remain available throughout filming for touch-ups, as well as helping actors remove make-up at the end of the day.

Careers in the Fashion Industry

Make-up artists working in fashion prepare models for photo shoots, runway shows, and advertisements. They work independently or as part of a team for modeling agencies or magazines. Fashion jobs generally require a high artistic ability, the keen eye for detail and knowledge of how lighting affects the appearance of make-up. Make-up artists working for magazines may also be involved in touching up photographs using airbrushing techniques and computer software programs.

Careers in the Service Industry

Many make-up artists work full-time in the cosmetic service industry. They sell products in stores and at cosmetic events. Some work in cosmetic sections of department stores answering customers’ questions, giving makeovers and demonstrating application techniques. Others in the service industry work in salons and spas, building a dependable clientele over time. They perform facials, makeovers, skin consultations and recommend make-up products. Make-up artists typically need some formal training from a cosmetology program and a state license to qualify for jobs in salons and spas. Licensed make-up artists may also be called aestheticians.

Freelance Make-up Artists ( Must Read our Blog on This Article )

Freelance make-up artists must be proactive in marketing and networking to build their business. Most freelance workers display their portfolio on a website, and they may attend cosmetic and fashion events to make contacts. Becoming a successful freelance make-up artist requires building an impressive portfolio and gaining the trust of clients, which can take several years.

Many freelancers get jobs helping people get ready for special occasions, such as weddings, dinner parties, awards ceremonies and beauty pageants. They may travel to a person’s home or another remote location to get the job done, supplying all the products and equipment that is needed. Depending on the event and person, they may meet clients before the event to determine exactly what is required. Clients happy with an artist’s work often use them for future events and refer them to family and friends, giving freelance make-up artists opportunities to quickly expand their business.

What are the main responsibilities of Makeup Artist 

    • Responsible for applying makeup and prosthetics to aesthetically enhance celebrities, performers, individuals, entertainers, or for special events such as weddings or dates. Work independently or with a team. May also style hair.
      • Apply makeup to clients using a color palette and different tools such as mascara, sponges, eyebrow shapers, lip liners, brushes, and applicators.
      • Work with clients to create various looks.
      • Work on theatrical productions, movie sets, photo shoots, backstage at concerts, or on television shows.
      • Apply makeup for big events including weddings, funerals, holidays, and outings.
      • Style hair according to makeup.
      • Set makeup with hairspray or other setting material.
      • Apply touchups as necessary.
      • Remove makeup from clothes if some are transferred.
      • Use photographs or models for reference when consulting with clients on the ideal look.
      • Apply prosthetics on movie sets.
      • Read scripts to ascertain the materials and the look required.
      • Sketch designs for future looks.
      • Purchase cosmetics and applicators from vendors and negotiate prices.
      • Ensure makeup looks natural and well-applied under different lighting.
      • Match skin color to color palettes to determine best looks.
      • Teach makeup application to clients.
      • Suggest skin care routines.
      • Fit wigs and hairpieces.
      • Work quickly and accurately under pressure.
      • Wipe off makeup and reapply if the client is unsatisfied.
      • Maintain awareness of health and safety issues and legislation.

What is the qualification for Makeup Artist 

    • Minimum Qualification: 10th std Pass
    • Completed specific diploma or certificate courses in beauty or Make-Up
    • Candidate should be good in communication skills. (should manage to speak basic English)

Tool Kit required for Interview of Makeup Artist

    • Makeup Kit – a professional makeup kit & Beauty Vanity box should be ready with every makeup artist Makeup Trainer.
    • A model – Every Makeup Artist or Makeup Trainer bring a Model with their skill test. a Model can be any friend, Aunty, Dadi Nani Mom or any girl. So this very important for every makeup Trainer or makeup artist to arrange in advance someone.

How to Apply

Send Resume on E-mail:- [email protected] or WhatsApp 8264875331


Beautician Jobs

Beautician Jobs

What is the Beautician Job?

“Cosmetology is the study and application of beauty treatment”.

It is a part of medical science (medical courses) that focuses on the physical appearance of a person & makes people look good. It consists of various branches that include beauty therapy and treatments for face, body, hair and overall health care.

A Beautician or cosmetologist is an expert in makeup, skincare and beauty products.

Cosmetologists provide beauty services that include cosmetic care for hair, skin, nails, and body.

There is a wide scope in the profession of cosmetology in India or in other countries. Cosmetology is the promising career for youth because of advancement in the lifestyle. If you wish to practice in medical cosmetology the basic requirement is a medical degree from any reputed medical college. Those have a diploma or master’s degree in dermatology may also practice in medical cosmetology. After completing an MBBS degree, the aspirants may avail a training/ certification programme in order to become a specialist or a trainer. With a degree in General Cosmetology, you can work in a salon or a spa. Aspirants can also work in different specialized areas of cosmetology such as a nail technician (manicures/ pedicures/ nail art etc). Those who already have a license/ certificate in skin treatment can work as assistants in a skin clinic.

How I become a Beautician or Cosmetologist? 

If you are interested to become a cosmetologist then, you need to have obtained educational & licensing certificates. If you have a right educational qualification and license, then you can work in different industries or you can also be self-employed.

The courses offered by the universities are of full duration courses. Some universities/colleges also offer short duration job oriented courses.

Non-Medical Cosmetologist did not require any professional degree. They only require an age limit not less than 16 years. They can pursue short-term diploma & certificate courses from any cosmetology school to get licensed. You can pursue these courses after 10th or after 12th. Many institutions in India offer many other degrees & master courses. You can pursue these courses after 12th & graduation.

The specialized fields of Cosmetology are beauty therapy, makeup, massage, facials, hair styling, Mehendi, aromatherapy, tattoos, nail art, electrolysis and herbal beauty care. The courses offered under cosmetology are given below:

Skills required to become a Beautician, Cosmetologists

  • Good communication and consultation skills.
  • Understanding the effects of various beauty products.
  • Knowledge of Physiology of the skin, hair, and nails.
  • Knowledge of Chemistry of color and color theory.
  • Applying hair products, like serum, cream, and clay to style hair
  • Removing hair using permanent and temporary methods (e.g. electrolysis and waxing)
  • Applying makeup products
  • Beautician responsibilities include removing hair, recommending skin care therapies and managing client appointments.
  • You should be well-versed in beauty treatments, including hairstyling, makeup, facials, hair removal, manicures, and pedicures.
  • If you’re able to identify customers’ needs and help them feel, good about themselves, we’d like to meet you.
  • Ultimately, you will ensure our clients receive high-quality cosmetic services and walk out our door smiling.
  • Greet customers upon arrival
  • Remove hair using permanent and temporary methods (e.g. electrolysis and waxing)
  • Apply hair products, like serum, cream, and clay to style hair
  • Give manicures and pedicures following clients’ preferences
  • Recommend hairstyles and nail colors to match clients’ needs and personal style
  • Provide guidelines to clients on how to take care of their skin
  • Book appointments over the phone and serve walk-ins based on availability
  • Maintain updated client records (e.g. contact details and treatments)
  • Cross-sell therapies and beauty products, when relevant
  • Make sure our working area is clean and equipment is sterilized at all times
  • Keep track of levels of stock (e.g lotions and nail polishes)

How to get admission in Beautician Courses? Sarbshiksha 

  • Candidates who seek admission in any of the institutions of beautician courses, they have to appear for the entrance exam that is conducted by those institutions.
Diploma Courses for Beautician jobs
(6 months to 1 year):
  • Diploma in Fashion Media Make up
  • Diploma in Cosmetology
  • Diploma in Hair Dressing
  • Diploma in Makeup
Certificate Courses for Beautician jobs
(3 to 6 Month):
  • Certificate Course in Herbal Beauty and Therapy
  • Certificate Course in Massage Therapy
  • Certificate course in Beauty Culture
Master Courses for Beautician Jobs
(1 year):
  • PG Diploma in Cosmetology (PGDC)

Top Institution in India offers study in Cosmetology

  • VLCC Academy of Beauty Health & Management
  • Orane Beauty Academy
  • Lakme Academy Powered by Aptech

What is the job of Skin Trainer

Skin Trainer Female 100% HAND ON PRACTICAL INVESTIGATION & TREATMENT OF SKIN IN VARIOUS CONDITIONS: Candidate should have experience working on different skin types . To understand the syllabus & contents of basic & advanced skin Therapy

LASERS in Cosmetology Science for a. Permanent Hair Removal, – Hirsutism. Photo Facial & Skin Lightening. Correction of Freckles, Age Spots, Acne Marks d. Tattoo Removal Wart & Skin Tag Removal :

Theory & Practicals of a] Electro Surgery b] Electro Fulguration c] Electro Desiccation d] Electro Coagulation Advance Chemicals Peels: Powerful AHAs Chemical Peels for a. Wrinkle Correction, b. Skin Rejuvenation, c. Anti- Ageing, d Hyper-Pigmentation, e. Under Eye Dark Circle.

ACNE TREATMENT – Dermato-Medical approach to Acne treatment. Non-Surgical Face Uplift with various computer/ digital controlled machines. Face Muscle Tightening b. Nasolabial Fold c. Periorbital Area

MICRO-CRYSTAL TECHNOLOGY a. Skin Polishing b. Acne Scar Tissue Repair. Skin Enhancing: Skin Hydration, Nourishing, Sebum Extraction with Electro-poration


How to apply for Beautician Job

Send Resume on E-mail:- [email protected] or WhatsApp 8264875331


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