Entrepreneurship Programme



Today Entrepreneurship in India is a phenomenon that is absolutely unstoppable, All is not easy, though, for space is crowded and the competition is intense, with most of the new entrepreneurs coming from top-notch business schools. Our vision is to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy. It aims to break the numerous barriers that are preventing people from receiving a quality education in physically bound classrooms. So we are trying to empowering students to get quality education, anytime and anywhere. With the flexibility of online courses, students can conserve more hours and more money, enabling them to learn with a purpose and instill a sense of self-belief in them.

Entrepreneurship Programme




Entrepreneurship stems from an inherent need to give shape to a path-breaking or high-potential idea that promises rich dividends. The discipline needed, however, to develop an idea from its nascent stage to a phase of practical implementation and realization is difficult to achieve. The simulated environment of an ESP with constant inputs, cross-examination, and learning provided by mentors who have ‘been there and done that’, results in the true optimisation of an idea.


One of the most important requirements for a business to survive is to identify the need for the products or services it offers in the first place. The potential scope of the market drives the scale of the business, which is the most important determinant for various other factors.  Furthermore, discussions in an ESP can help identify the current standing of the business opportunity i.e. whether it will be an originator of an idea or if there are existing competitors. The supposed market share, profits and growth opportunities depend on the existent competition.


Once the backgrounding and viability of a proposed business model are attested, ESP focus on the process of initiation. The baby steps of a business are the essential phase of its growth. No business is expected to turn into a goldmine within a short span of time. These programmes also come in handy for those entrepreneurs who seem to have lost confidence upon seeing disappointing results initially.



It is presumably easy to draw a blueprint; howsoever detailed it may be, in one’s head. The actual preparation of a plan which involves presentations, statistics, a carefully demarcated short, middle and long-term growth strategy, etc. needs able guidance from seasoned business personnel. Investors are particularly finicky about the propositions of start-ups as a fool-proof business plan is the only mechanism that can validate their investment as start-ups do not have a financial history to show for.


The task of procuring finance is one of the toughest challenges faced by an entrepreneur. The investment portfolio, sources determining working capital, debt-equity ratio, etc. are some of the concerns which should be of particular interest to prospective business initiators at ESP.


With the rapid penetration of the internet and digital technology making a scalable impact on businesses, many marketing platforms are fast disappearing while others are quickly taking their place. In such a situation, it is essential to identify the platform that is best suited to one’s business’ interests. After identifying the medium, talent acquisition and managing the diverse human resource is a huge concern, tips, and tricks for which are discussed in-depth in various ESP.

Rupinder Kaur

Rupinder Kaur

Center Head & Skin Trainer / Beauty & Wellness Sector

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Mahima Kalia

Mahima Kalia

Medical Counselor / Medical Sector

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Ritika Chopra

Ritika Chopra

Business Development Manager / Beauty & Wellness

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