Network Professional

Entrepreneurship Network Professional Trainer

AREA – Khanna

Education Qualification:- Graduate, Diploma in Entrepreneurship, Network Professional

Contact Details – 8264875331

Mr. Gurdeep Singh had completed his graduation from Punjabi university then had started working as Article accountant under the guidance of Chartered Accountant. He had the expertise in auditing of companies culture from where he till date had found lots of articles who looking for training in the entrepreneurship program. As because lots of people who want to do something different in their life they meet with Mr. Gurdeep Singh as they want to learn entrepreneurship program.

He is a Network Professional and has vast expertise to create a Network marketing team in multiple domains. Till date, he had created a big network team which is working under his supervision his vision is to create a way for young people who wish to start a career into Network Marketing.

Conferences: (National/International) – 20

Students Counsel – 25

Countries Visited – 3