Recruitment Management System (RMS) is a set of tools designed to manage the recruiting process. It may be the most important core human resources (HR) system. Recruiting is competitive, especially for those with high-demand technical skills, and it’s driving interest in sophisticated recruiting systems.


  1. Compile the profile of the ideal candidate and consult the client on industry standards and compensation.
  2. Contact all potential candidates on file to solicit interest in the position.
  3. Conduct in-depth interviews with each candidate to determine if they meet client requirements.
  4. Compile a list of qualified candidates and submit all data to the client for review.
  5. Arrange candidate interviews with the client and provide post-interview feedback to both parties.
  6. Release any candidate not meeting client standards and arrange subsequent interviews.
  7. Discuss full employment packages as outlined by the client and get firm candidate commitment.
  8. Conduct a background check if needed, and transmit the verbal offer to the candidate upon completion.
  9. Obtain written acceptance from the candidate and confirm the start date with both parties.
  10. Remain in close contact with both client and candidate through the early stages of employment.


Project Submit:- Submit project details i.e. Job description, Budget, Experience & Location with Rs. 10000/-

Fixed Term Plan:- Employer has the option to choose our fix monthly subscription plan of Rs. 10000/- per month with Unlimited regular hiring with a contract period of 1 Year(s). This subscription plan, we keep sending employees regular without any terms or conditions in which employees attend trail on a regular basis.


  • Cost Saving & Low Retention Rate:- It is a very much cost-saving tool for the employer in comparison to hiring a regular HR who expected a high salary in comparing our customized services. So no need to run here and there for employees as our team regularly get in touch with you and keep you update regarding the HR Services, Rules, Regulation, Market Trends & New employees profile.
  • Multiple Business Requirements:- Our monthly package gives you unlimited hirings for multiple walk-ins for your other business and branches. If you have any other branches or companies their hiring is also covered in the same package.
  • Academic Level:- We conduct so many recruitments and placement drives in Institute, Academy & School. As in Beauty & Wellness sector, we are having a 3 Years regular practice and expertise. Our Employee from this sector comes under multiple checks. Our employee tracking system provides you genuine Information.
  • Events, Seminar, Workshop & Training:-  As we are having lots of Trainers from different sectors who available for training at very reasonable prices. Any training related to the product or service required we can arrange that with our trainer in very good cost-effective packages. You can also arrange events for your company through our event management team.
  • Student referral Service (Optional):- Our recruitment process helps you to generate students for your academy also. We invite students on a common platform where we advise students to choose a career. Students’ conversion commission rate is 5% excluding taxes of total course fees.

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