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The need to train teachers: Due to a large number of schools that have come up, teachers are in high demand, thus making attrition a common problem. However, most teachers are individuals who have just done their B Ed. and started teaching without experience. These teachers teach the students with old methodologies, which is rote learning style-with no emphasis on the creativity of the students.  They need to be equipped with the new methodologies which have developed with years of research. A combination of subject knowledge, good communication skills to deliver knowledge and student understanding makes an effective teacher. An effective teacher is one that encourages children to think and makes learning fun. An effective teacher also is one who understands children and is an inspiration and support to the students.

Our expert training helps evolve the teachers to individuals who the students thank and remember for the rest of their lifetime! A direct correlation can be seen between trained principals, teachers and quality of students that they produce.
Our training, empowers teachers to effectively use new teaching methodologies and develop their delivery skills. They are taught to enhance their summative and formative assessment techniques. All these skills are further developed through a number of practice mock sessions. The teachers are first analyzed for their experience, background, quality, and competency. According to this analysis, our training is customized so as to be most effective and useful. The solutions provided are based on real-time situations and practicality.
When it comes to school leadership, there is no lack of models to follow. Consider the following list — if you’re like us you’ve heard a lot of these buzzwords lately:
  • Instructional leadership
  • Democratic leadership
  • Change leadership
  • Transformative leadership
  • Participatory leadership
  • Collaborative leadership
  • Moral leadership
  • Strategic leadership

What are the underlying themes that make leaders successful?

There are two: Successful leaders help establish a clear direction for the organization and influence others to move in that direction.

It sounds so simple! And yet, research also suggests that many leaders do not enter the profession prepared to do these two things. This is especially true where leaders would have the highest impact on student achievement: underperforming schools.
Another study suggests that principal training programs have a long way to go. They call for a more selective process for choosing candidates to enter leadership programs; enhanced preservice training that prepares principals to lead for improved instruction and school change, not just manage buildings; and high-quality mentoring and professional development catered to the individual needs of early-career leaders.
New Leaders for New Schools, a non-profit organization that trains leaders to work in high-needs urban schools, suggests that the best leaders are good at building effective teams, and thus need to develop strong abilities to do the following:

Image credit: http://www.newleaders.org/wp-content/uploads/Playmakers.ExecSummary.pdf

Instead of using traditional university programs, many schools and leaders are opting for alternative programs that offer more hands-on training in real schools. What leadership trends have you noticed in your school, district, or country? What’s working? What’s not? Leave a comment to let us know.

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