“Revolver Dadi” 82 Years Old Gold Medalist

Chandro Tomar 82-year-old, age is just a number. Popularly known as Revolver Dadi, Chandro, who has won more than 25 national championships in shooting, is the oldest woman sharpshooter in the world

Chandro Tomar hails from Johri village, situated in the Bagpat district of Uttar Pradesh. The mother of six and grandmother of 15 started training when she was 65. She had accompanied her granddaughter who wanted to join the Johri Rifle Club. At the range, Chandro took a pistol and started shooting at the target, surprising everyone with her skills.


Chandro has not looked back since then. “As soon as I shot my first pistol I was hooked. And now I’ve shown everyone there’s no disadvantages to my age. If you’re focused you can do anything,”


Chandro’s initiative and popularity have boosted the morale of other women and led to a sporting revolution in her village. Today there are 25 women who have stepped out of their traditional homes and train at the rifle club.

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