Teachers Lecturer Professor Jobs

Teachers Lecturer Professor Jobs

Teachers Lecturer Professor Jobs in School, College, Educational, Universities various openings for both Teaching and Non-teaching. 



A Dean Although most high schools are led by a principal or headmaster, a few (particularly private preparatory schools) refer to their chief authority as a Dean.



Professor / Associate Professor / Lecturer (commonly abbreviated as Prof.) is an academic rank at universities and other post-secondary education and research institutions.



A teacher is a person who helps others to acquire knowledge, competences or values. Informally the role of teacher may be taken on by anyone.



Overseeing the daily activities and duties at a Centre is the direct responsibility of a Centre Manager. They handle the security, operational and financial matters booking of resources.

IELTS Trainer / English Tutor

IELTS Trainer / English Tutor

Teaching IELTS is a rewarding and well-paid job as normally IELTS teachers earn above-average income for the country in which they teach.


PGT- English, Hindi, Mathematics, Economics, Commerce, Computer science, Physics, Chemistry

Qualification: Two years’ Integrated Post Graduate M.Sc Course of Regional College of Education

a) PGT (Maths) Mathematics/ Applied Mathematics

b) PGT (Economics) – Economics/ Applied Economics/ Business Economics.

c) PGT (Commerce) – Master’s Degree in Commerce. However, holder of Degrees of M.Com in Applied/Business Economics shall not be eligible.

Eligible:- B.Ed. or equivalent degree from a recognized university. Proficiency in teaching in Hindi and English both. Desirable: Knowledge of computer applications.

TGT-Hindi, English, Sanskrit, Social Science, Science, Mathematics, Music, Physical, History

Qualification: a) TGT (S.St) Any two of the following: History, Geography, Economics, and Pol. Science of which one must be either History or Geography.

b) TGT (Maths) – Bachelor Degree in Maths with any two of the following subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Electronics, Computer Science, Statistics.

c) TGT (Science)- Botany, Zoology, and Chemistry.

Eligible:-  Pass in the Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET), conducted by CBSE in accordance with the Guidelines framed by the NCTE for the purpose. Proficiency in teaching Hindi and English medium4) B.Ed. Desirable: Knowledge of Computer Applications.

Computer Teacher

Qualification: B.Ed. B.Tech (Computer Science/ B.C.A./M.C.A./ M.Sc.( Computer Science), M.Sc.

Counselor / Receptionist / Front Desk Officer

Qualification: 12th or Graduate with any Subject or Diploma in Psychology.

Transport Incharge / Security Officer / Housekeeping / Gardening

Qualification: 8th or 12th / Having expertise with the same post in any School for Administration, Security or Transport Line service Manager. or any Army Retired Officer with Driving expertise.


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Front Desk Manager or Receptionist

Front Desk Manager or Receptionist 

  1. Friendly personality: A receptionist must be by nature-friendly. A receptionist who is not friendly will simply scare away visitors and potential customers to the business. A receptionist is supposed to be friendly enough to make visitors feel free and relaxed when they visit.
  2. Should be patient: A person must have an extreme amount of patience if they want to work as a receptionist. If you are one who is temperamental or quick-tempered, then the work of a receptionist is certainly not for you. A receptionist, in the course of performing his or her duties, will meet with numerous people from all walks of life. These people all have different characters and behaviors. Some visitors might be highly difficult to handle because they may be temperamental or might find it difficult understanding simple instructions or explanations. This is the reason why receptionists have to be extremely patient and maintain their patients at all times, regardless of how difficult a visitor is. A receptionist has to be calm all the time in order to deal with visitors and clients in the proper way.
  3. Should be able to stay calm in the midst of pressure: Being able to stay calm even though one is under pressure is a very important quality that a receptionist must possess. Sometimes a receptionist job can be very challenging. Customers, visitors, clients can bombard you with a lot of questions, complaints, comments, etc at the same time. It is imperative that the receptionist be able to handle the pressure in a calm and professional way all the time.
  4. Must be smart and have a smart appearance: A receptionist has to be smart in appearance and capable of moving fast from one place to another.
  5. Should have good communication skills: Since the primary job of the receptionist is to communicate with visitors and receive calls, it is imperative that receptionist has very good communication skills in order to communicate effectively with callers and visitors to the organization and answer all their pressing questions.
  6. Should have good organizational skills: Receptionists are expected to possess good organizational skills as this helps them to do their jobs successfully.
  7. Should have good listening skills: In order for a receptionist to be able to do his or her job perfectly, the receptionist must have very good listening skills. This is very important because, with a good listening skill, the receptionist can be able to give adequate answers to questions asked by visitors or help them achieve their aim of visiting the office.
  8. Should be orderly: Orderliness is very important. A receptionist should be orderly and be able to keep his or her work area clean all the time. The front desk and the entire reception area should always be kept in an orderly manner so as to send a positive signal to customers and visitors about the business or organization.
  9. Must have some good multitasking skills: A good receptionist should be able to do multiple tasks at the same time because a receptionist job is sometimes rife with instances where multiples tasks need to be performed quickly. If a person is not good at multitasking, then he or she might find the job of a receptionist quite challenging to perform.
  10. Honesty and loyalty: The last but not least quality of a receptionist is that he or she has to be loyal and honest. There is no room for dishonesty and disloyalty in the job of a receptionist.

NOTE: Although the majority of the receptionist are females, it doesn’t mean the receptionist job is meant for females only. These days we have males working as receptionists too.