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The Teachers

The Teachers a one-stop platform which answers your WhatWhereWhy & How’s of all your career related questions. If you have any questions or doubt regarding any aspect of your career, ask your question from our trainers. 

Become our Counselor : You can become our Career counselor or Trainer and generate business leads for our company as Network professional for your area and provide career counseling to students. 

Institute Support Services : If you run any Institute, Academy, School or collage You can get in touch with us for service for you. i.e. Marketing, Accounting, Website, Manpower Management for Institute..


The Teachers

We help freelance Teacher & Trainers to build successful and profitable training portfolio with us. We connect with largest community of trainers and arrange Group Discussion, Training Events, Seminar and workshops. Our aim is to create awareness in Teachers and Trainers regarding career growth and teach life lessons.


Our Trainers

Harpreet Singh Kainth

Recruiter Beauty & wellness

I’m Harpreet Singh, the founder of “The Teachers” Training Company. I do believe in network marketing So that  create a atmosphere where freelance trainers can connect and help each other you to grow with successful and profitable training business.

Harmanjeet Kaur

CRM & Retail

I’m Harmanjeet Kaur worked with Retail Sector and keep recommend Business to Kainth Consultants in all sector as Freelancer.

If you want any business talk then i will say I can train your employee and make them get ready for your Business. Ensure that You have a faith on Yourself and second on us. 

Top 100 Books for Trainers

#1 The Law of Success

#2 The Hypomanic Edge

#3 Rich Dad Poor Dad